Case Study: Ensuring High Deliverability Rates on Large Email Lists

increases number of actions on e-commerce site

Retargeting existing customers is the lifeblood of sustainable stores. Recently, a large e-commerce client of ours faced email deliverability problems on their sizable contact list. When dug into deeper, it turned out that their email relay partner had them on a paid account that shared an IP with other users. As a result, any emails from that shared IP to entire provider blocks were caught in the RBL (Real-time Block List).

Comcast, Earthlink, and others… sent those emails into the Void.

Now, here’s where we stepped in and saved the day with Amazon SES: Change the SMTP (simple mail transport protocol) / email relay provider (we did this with a WordPress plugin), Amazon walks us through the setup process validating DNS (domain name server) & DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), Amazon’s request process is then to verify your domain and email addresses.

But wait, there’s more… Amazon then requires you to send a special request to leave sandbox mode, increase send rates request & gain a dedicated IP, and of course, this takes a couple of days for them to process.

That seemed long, but it was understood to be part of their process. In the interim, we piped emails through the local server — an unused dedicated IP that was surely not in the RBL — with much success.

When they approved it, our e-commerce site went from test mode to beast mode. Here are some charts of stats on the latest send:

Every message was delivered to providers. A total of sixteen complaints were handled quickly with removals, forty-seven hard bounces were removed, and a dozen or so soft bounces (auto-replies, change of address notifications) were also updated or removed.

On the results side, the call to action (e-commerce ticket sale) caused 76 orders to be generated in a 48-hour period.

Those are some incredible results!

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