Have you ever tried to share a link to a website on Facebook and the preview article was so poorly executed that you just knew no one would want to click or like it… And then bam, no one did?

I recently ran into just this issue on my own RADARADO site recently when moving it to its own subdomain and implementing caching. Facebook, for the most part, had been kind to me and always used the first radar image that came up, but without any Open Graph markup, my preview link began looking like this:

Yikes. How would you know that there is a page full of radar images from that preview? Simple: you wouldn’t!

Thankfully there’s a tool called the Facebook Sharing Debugger which allows you to see what your preview link will look like before you go sharing your site or page to Facebook. For WordPress sites, the free version of the Yoast plugin will usually help you get your website Open Graph compliant in a matter of minutes.

Fixing my RADARADO Open Graph now means the latest radar image correctly shows when sharing to Facebook, like so.

Many people are not familiar with how Facebook shares their pages, and I’ve seen prominent web marketing and campaign management companies get this totally wrong.

To see how your link looks on Facebook as a preview, use Facebook’s sharing debugger tool, available for developers. Just tweak, scrape again, and tweak some more until you have the desired results. For expert help on making your Facebook and website presence as powerful as possible, just contact us!